Monday, February 18, 2013

3D printing WiFi antenna enhancers

I used to build parabolic dishes for WiFi out of cardboard, soda cans, and hot glue. They worked rather well too. This is the template I used.

That was then. Nowadays when I tinker I get to tinker with a cool Mosaic M2 so when the WiFi connection to my xbmc machine felt a little weak (in a closet a few rooms away from the router) I decided to break out that trusty old template and get to modeling.

Here are the "source" files used to create the dishes:
Note:  The files are GPLv3 licensed. Feel free to post them wherever, but it is probably in violation of the GPL to post them (or derivatives) to a site that does not maintain the GPL license.

The results are great. I went from 1200-1500KBps (~12mbps) to 2000-2500KBps (~20mbps) on an old WRT54G.


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