Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3D printed passive amplifiers for the SGS3

My first print!

3D printers had been on my radar for some time, but last year my good buddy Ben reminded me of their existence. At that point the 3D printer bug came up and bit me... hard. I became quite obsessed with the whole scene reading about RepRaps, watching various printer videos (to someone uninterested they must seem like watching paint dry) and such.

There were a few events in down town Raleigh that had printers to show off, but it was not until I went to Splat Space in Durham that I got to use one. This really awesome guy Bill went over the 3D printing ins and outs with me, convinced me that the printer I was looking at purchasing was a good choice, and let me print on his Ultimaker.

My first print was something practical that I had worked designed and - after showing Bill - revised a few times. The object was/is a megaphone of sorts for a Samsung Galaxy SIII. The idea is to collect all the sound as it exits the rear of the phone, and redirect it forward using a cone shaped cavity. Amplification without power by means of focusing energy in one direction.

Here is a 3D rendering of the first printed design (on the phone) and the latest design (the two not on a phone):

Here are some pictures of the actual printed pieces:

Much to my surprise the print came out great on the first try. I figured the first design I tried would not work at all, but the passive booster worked so well that at full volume it was painful to listen to!

For the non believers here is a video demonstration (this was probably a poor song choice, quite input still the change is noticeable).

Here are the "source" files for the objects

Note:  The files are licensed under the GPLv3. Feel free to post them and reuse them wherever, but it is probably in violation of the GPL to post them (or derivatives) to a site that does not maintain the GPL license.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meltdown (Markdown Extra Live Toolbox)

Monday, February 18, 2013

3D printing WiFi antenna enhancers

I used to build parabolic dishes for WiFi out of cardboard, soda cans, and hot glue. They worked rather well too. This is the template I used.

That was then. Nowadays when I tinker I get to tinker with a cool Mosaic M2 so when the WiFi connection to my xbmc machine felt a little weak (in a closet a few rooms away from the router) I decided to break out that trusty old template and get to modeling.

Here are the "source" files used to create the dishes:
Note:  The files are GPLv3 licensed. Feel free to post them wherever, but it is probably in violation of the GPL to post them (or derivatives) to a site that does not maintain the GPL license.

The results are great. I went from 1200-1500KBps (~12mbps) to 2000-2500KBps (~20mbps) on an old WRT54G.